• UNIT-O Recording Studio Launches Website and Special Offer

  • Anaheim, California – The UNIT-O recording studio, located in Anaheim California, has launched its website, http://UNIT-O.com. The website provides musicians and managers with information about the services offered, and the Southern California music scene. 
    UNIT-O recording studios specializes in the delivery of classic analog sound, in the digital realm.
    Visitors to the Orange County-based recording studio website will find information on recording, mixing, production, voice-overs and the artist list of engineer/producer Brian Leshon. The site contains a detailed list of the gear in the control room including the console, computers, plug ins, virtual instruments, analog microphone preamps, EQ, and more. The instrumental room list includes a list of the UNIT-O microphone collection and instruments clients can use during sessions. There is also a comprehensive list of engineer/producer Brian Leshon's past work - with many projects musicians will recognize. These detailed lists let potential clients know that everything needed to make a professional recording is available on site.
    The UNIT-O website launch includes ads in Music Connection Magazine, a contest, and a special offer. The Orange County, California recording studio’s contest will be hosted by Music Connection Magazine’s Friday Freebie giveaways. The prize is for up to 70 hours of studio and engineer/producer time, used to produce two songs. The winner will have the benefit of all the studio gear and instruments to do their production. It has a value of $5,250. The special offer gives every new client two hours of free recording time with every eight-hour project booked by September 30th, 2015.
    Like the UNIT-O Facebook page to receive details about the contest, and special offers. And sign up for the recording studio’s email list on Unit-O.com.
    For more information, and to book a tour of the UNIT-O facility, contact Brian Leshon at 714.213.8018, or fill out the contact form on the website.