• Unit-O and Country Artist David Lorango Sign Production Agreement

  • David Lorango photo 1Anaheim, California (July 1, 2016) – UNIT-O is pleased to announce they have signed a Production Agreement with new country artist and songwriter, David Lorango. Work has begun on a four-song EP due to be released by the end of 2016.

    David has loved country music ever since his grandma played oldies stations for him where he heard artists like Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and Georgia Strait. Lorango’s music is a mix of feel-good country and pop elements for broad appeal. Both traditionalists, and those new to country music, will find something to love in David’s songs.

    David Lorango was selected from over 1,300 Reverbnation submissions for the opportunity to sign a production agreement with UNIT-O last fall. “David Lorango is a unique talent, and we knew we wanted to work with him the first time we heard him. David is a complete package. He writes great songs that are heart felt, sincere and about enjoying the simple things in life. Lorango has a winning attitude, he’s hip and handsome with a boy-next-door image that will resonate with country music fans worldwide,” said Producer/Engineer Brian Leshon. ”We chose artists from a variety of genres for our first artist search. We like working with different types of musical talent to make their songs available for the world to hear and enjoy.”

    “When I first was selected for the Reverbnation production agreement opportunity with UNIT-O I kind of didn’t believe it. I wondered if there had been a mistake,” said David Lorango, “When I learned it was real, I was both incredibly excited and humbled. Having talented people want to work with me and take a risk on my music doesn’t happen very often in this business.”

    David has been playing some of the songs selected for the project live and is joined by his regular players for the tracking sessions. Zak St. John is on drums. St. John has recorded or performed with Stevie Wonder, Karmin, The B-52’s, The Raskins and many more. Elliot Lorango, David’s brother, joined in on bass. He is an accomplished player who has worked with Mick Fleetwood, Kelly Osbourne, Sea Wolf, The Eeries, Matt Toka and more. Multi-instrumentalist, Will Wu, will lay down guitar and fiddle tracks in the near future.

    Look for the new David Lorango EP to be available this fall with tour dates to follow.