• Instrumental Room

  • The UNIT-O recording room is large, and can handle most recording situations. It accommodates almost any size band and it is large enough to overdub a horn, or modest string section.  

    UNIT-O delivers a BIG drum sound. (It’s our specialty.) Live drums are vastly superior to any virtual instrument and sequencer: they make, or break, any song. You can't have a great-sounding piece without great drums. There is plenty of room for almost any size drum kit in our instrumental room. Open the doors to the lounge area for ambient microphones and dial in, or out, the amount of "John Bonham" size sound you want for your drum tracks. If you are serious about your drum sound, come to UNIT-O. 

    The recording studio has a substantial microphone collection including products from Sennheisr, AKG, ADK, Neuman, Blue, and Shure Rhode among others. (See the full list below.) UNIT-O has enough microphones to handle most recording situations.  

    UNIT-O has a large selection of quality guitars, amplifiers, drums and percussion instruments available. The studio team includes drum, and guitar, technicians to help you get the sound you are looking for.  

  • Microphones
    Neuman U87 (1)
    AKG C414B XL II (2)
    AKG C414. B-ULS (2)
    BLUE Dragon Fly Condenser (1)
    Neumann KM 184 (2)
    ADK Odin (4)
    ADK Hamburg (1)
    Sennheiser M 421 (3)
    EV RE20 (1)
    AKG D 112 (1)
    Sampson C02 Pencil Condenser (1)
    Sennheiser e604 Drum Clip mics (3)
    AShure Beta 52a (1)
    Shure SM57 (2)
    Shure SM58 (3)
  • Drums
    Tom-tom drum
    Bass drum
    Cocktail drum