• Mixing

  • Mixing = Hearing

    Getting a great mix is a matter of recording the tracks right in the first place. An audio panorama includes a subtle balance between instruments, voices and effects. Knowing how to do this isn’t something you’re born with. It’s the skill of a professional mixer. The engineer mixing the song has to know how to hear, and learning to hear takes a lot of time, and a lot of practice, just like with any instrument. Experience is the key to mixing a sellable song. Our mixing engineers have worked with past masters (both recording and performing) giving the best-possible result. You get the same mix quality top artists get.

    UNIT-O has great plugins. We emulate classic EQs, delays, reverbs and limiters providing the most natural, and authentic, sound.

    The studio has fantastic monitors. This means we can hear things others can’t. The mixes are free of all the anomalous sounds that make them confusing, and noisy. Our mixes translate from the studio, to consumers' listening devices, stereos, computers and phones, clean and alive; they'll think you are performing just for them.

    Can’t come in to UNIT-O? Send us your songs to mix. We work with your Pro Tools files from anywhere in the world, and deliver a professional mix back to you. ​