• Production

  • UNIT-O provides complete music production services, delivering master versions (finals) of your songs. The masters you receive are ready for release into music stores, websites, downloads, television, film, or video games. 

    The UNIT-O team includes producers, arrangers, engineers and backup musicians, who turn your song demos into a finished product, completed to the highest industry standards. Send us your song. Tell us the direction you want the production to take, and we do the rest. 

    The recording studio has assembled a group of world-class musicians who play every instrument from the accordion to the zither. (Don’t forget, we specialize in awesome drums.) We also have male and female vocalists who sing lead, or backgrounds, in every popular style. Whatever musical components you don’t provide yourself, we can play and record for you. And, we have over 300,000 sounds to work with. This means, you can choose from dozens of piano or guitar sounds, or any other instrument you want, and put it in the mix. 

    Now, it is possible for you to participate in your recording sessions, even if you don’t live in Southern California. UNIT-O provides remote production services enabling you to listen to the recording sessions in real time, and give us feedback. This gives you creative input. Through our Source-Connect software you can overdub your guitar or vocal tracks from a recording studio in your area, or from your home studio. As long as you have good preamps and a good microphone, we can work with you from anywhere in the world.