• Recording

  • It is much easier to mix a song, and have it come out sounding great, if you do things right in the recording stage. Get things flawless at the source, rather than to try to "fix it in the mix." Make decisions on performance, direction, parts, and takes while you are recording, so you don't end up with a mix that is impossible to control. Mixing is about making the song sound great, not salvaging the project.
    At UNIT-O we have the expertise, and the equipment, to produce live drums that are the backbone of every song. The studio delivers any drum sound from a light cocktail kit to John Bonham's rock arena.
    The same is true for guitars. At UNIT-O, we make guitars sound anywhere from country clean and intimate, to hard rock, towering Marshalls. The studio's acoustics make recordings sound like the player is standing right in front of you.
    The recording studio has all the gear to capture great sound. We have top quality API and Neve analog microphone preamps and equalizers, UAD limiters along with DBX and Cranesong compressors. UNIT-O has a substantial microphone collection including mics from Sennheisr, AKG, ADK, Neuman, Blue, Shure Rhode, and others.
    For musicians on a budget, record your drums and guitars at UNIT-O, go home to do the other overdubs, and come back to have it mixed.​