• Voice Over

  • UNIT-O records and edits voice-over for television, radio, commercials, audio books, video games, automated dialog replacement (ADR), corporate videos, museum tours, robo calls, or any other use. The recording studio team has decades of post-production experience with voice-over, ADR, foley, music editing and sound design. 

    Voice-over recording is different than working on music, and we know how to do both, right. Beginning with the recording environment, UNIT-O has a tight, dead and silent booth for capturing voice talent. This means top-notch clarity, voice resonance and sound authenticity. When the voice is recorded, we’ll capture all the nuance and tambour. The vocal texture will sound real and unprocessed. Our team knows how to make voices sound right for the type of production.  Whether you are recording for radio, television, telephone or headphones, the mix will be correct for the intended listening environment. 

    In the case you are recording remotely, UNIT-O works with other studios, anywhere in the world, through Source-Connect software.